• 3.2014

    FixedFrame.TV builds DaChillzone™ @ BTV Airport

    Multiple businesses supported FixedFrame.TV's new DaChillZone™ room at Burlington International Airport in Burlington, VT. Lowe' provided patio furniture, Claussen's and Mother Nature's Helper added plants all around.  Creative Sound installed a Plasma Screen and Homeport supplied accessories. The entire room was designed by NY/Vermont Production Designer Holly Boardman. Denis O'Brien said Bahamas, Virgin Islands, Mexico, California and Papua New Guinea films would play in the new DaChillZone, along with special travel programming, which is open to all and free of charge 24 hours a day. O'Brien's team is now looking to expand throughout the country and beyond as they also expand their content library into 4K.

  • dachillzone 

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  • 2.2014

    Updates: Tech Announcement-Interactive

    FixedFrame.TV announces an alliance with a Vermont based development team to implement interactive tools to enhance the format and allow people to find out more about the beautiful and relaxing images they view.  "New tools to be in place by July 1", said Denis O'Brien at the airport yesterday.  "These tools will enhance options for advertisers and for consumers, while content screens will still provide relaxing video for theose consumers to enjoy."

  • 12.2013

    Updates: The Fixed Frame Technique

    Reality is beauty. This new “fixed-frame” method of videography utilizes super-sharp focus and locked-down HD camera to let life unfold naturally, undisturbed over time. No retouching, no color enhancement – just simple, true, unscripted windows into the emotional splendor, grace and tranquility of the real places. All edited to original music to complement each ambient mood.

  • 11.2013

    Fixed Frame goes live @ BTV Airport

    Denis O'Brien paired with Creative Sound to install the first FixedFrame.TV monitors in the aiport in Burlington VT. FixedFrame.TV offers relaxing video to anyone who chooses to watch their unique and calming "Park Bench Views." The Airport's desire to add the calming video product was so exciting. "We have been shooting this content for almost 4 years now., and we really enjoy (and others do as well,) the soothing aspects of the Fixed Frame.TV approach. Norway, China, USA, Mexico, British Virgin Island and many more unique and intersting places are featured on the FixedFrame.TV Channels.